Gunung-An is a Boutique Retreat dedicated to reconnect with the Yin within

Our Boutique Hotel

Looking for a getaway on the island of Gods? Gunung-An has been built with quiet sensitivity towards the surrounding environment and shares it’s rice terrace views with a nearby waterfall. Gunung-An is dedicated to offer you that space to come home to Self.

Design Your Own Retreat

Gunung-An is designed and dedicated to honor the yin within us all. A safe haven to unplug from the chaos in your mind, routines and all of society’s expectations. This peaceful healing environment is beneficial for body, mind and Spirit. Looking for a retreat venue in Ubud, Bali?

Kampung Spa

Kampung Spa is a sanctuary of peace, rejuvenation and relaxation in the heart of a Balinese village that combines beautiful rituals with the elements of Balinese healing techniques. Experience the ancient healing rituals of our ancestors.

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